rf picThis time of year the Seasons are quickly changing from Fall to Winter. Gone is the heat of summer and soon the leaves will be gone from the trees. Unfortunately as the seasons change the mess that Mother Nature leaves behind must be cleaned up. There are 3 main reasons to remove the accumulation of leaves and debris. They Include Aesthetics, Safety and functionally for the survival of your lawn and landscape.

Aesthetically an accumulation of fall debris including leaves and other fall debris can be unsightly. Accumulated is places  you don’t want to see and deal will. Besides being unsightly can be drug into the home and create a trail of debris throughout. Keeping your leaves cleaned up can keep your property looking good into the winter months ahead.

From a Safety perspective keeping walking surfaces clear of debris can keep drives and walkways clear for travel. As winter months approach leaves can become a place for water to accumulate. As temperatures begin to freeze laves can become frozen and an additional hazard for walking surfaces and drives. Another safety concern is in the downspouts and drains. As the leaves and debris accumulate in the drains and downspouts become clogged and snow water and ice cannot function as intended. Since water always flows in the path of least resistance you may find water traveling into places you don’t want. Recently we visited a client who was getting water in their basement. Come to find out the leaves had clogged the gutter and downspout causing the rain to overrun the gutters and run down the side of the house. This was the source of the water that was entering the residence.

And finally a Functional reason to remove the leaves is for the health and vitality of the turf and landscape. A large accumulation of leaves act as a large blanket that covers your lawn and landscape. This blanket of leaves restrict the sunlight, air and water that these turf and plants need to survive. Extended periods of coverage can lead to damage and disease that will effect the long term health and vitality of your turf and plants.

So why hire a Professional for your Leaf Removal

First of all leaf removal can be a very physically demanding job. Depending on your physical condition leaf removal can be physically taxing or prohibitive to you.

Secondly besides the physical demands the time commitment can be exhausting. Usually in a typical situation leaf removal will be completed over multiple trips. Unfortunately the fall leaf drop seems to occur over several intervals of the fall season.

rf pic 2And finally the shear volume of the leaf removal leaves an unanswered question and that is what do you do with this accumulation of leaves? If you are not fortunate to have a curb side leaf removal service from your city or township then these leaves must be packaged for pick up. This leads to another burden as to what is your plan to get rid of the leaves? Trash Services or other pick up services ensures that you must handle the leaves multiple times in order to have them disposed.


rf pic 3

So maybe you have a similar situation that pushes many home owners to hire professional lawn and landscape companies for this service. Using the most efficient system for leaf removal can save you time and money in the long run. Equipped with truck mounted vacuum systems and with the use of commercial blowers leaf removal can be handled with efficiency and  cost effectiveness. If you find your self in this situation CLICK HERE  for additional information and a no obligation quote to have your leaves removed.


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