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Committed To Customer Service & Quality Results Every Time!

Set your expectations high – and we will exceed them. Every customer of RF Landscape Services receives our Ten Star Experience. If you’re working with another lawn landscape services contractor today, use this as an evaluation checklist.

  • Comprehensive Project Timeline, outlining how the project will take place as well as  project and decision milestones in which you’ll need to be involved. A timeline is so much more than a schedule, and it’s the best way to set expectations for you and for us from start to sign-off.
  • An experienced and accessible Project/Crew Leader, who is responsible for the successful completion of your project.
  • An overall Property Plan, detailing how RFL will protect your property, including coordination of the site, materials storage areas, and any expected damage and repair plans (for example, taking a piece of heavy equipment across your lawn to get to the backyard is something that would be discussed and agreed at the start).
  • Communication Plan, establishing the frequency and types of communication you will receive from RF Landscape during your project. Whether email, phone, or text, during business hours or after, these details are important to your feeling secure and confident in the progress of your project.
  • Risk Assessment, which is a fancy term that means we’ll fully discuss any areas of the project that concern you. Every project has its unknowns. We’ll get them on the table and talk through different scenarios that might be needed to resolve them – best case and worst case, so you’ll be prepared.
  • Change Management Process, to handle any changes that get made during the project. We fully document changes, and, if they change the scope of the project, we’ll ask you to sign off on the Change Order, so we are both in agreement and your interests are protected. Most of all, Change Management ensures that you won’t have any surprises at the end of the project.
  • We’ll lay out Clear Decision Points for you, describing not only the decision to be made, but the timeframe in which it must be made to keep the project on schedule. We use the Project Timeline and work backwards to tell you exactly when you have to tell us – is it going to be red or blue, herringbone or running bond – so we can order the right materials, in the right quantities, and have them on-site when the time comes to install.
  • Contact Numbers are provided so that you can reach us if something comes up after hours or on weekends. Sometimes, things come up, and sometimes it’s urgent you reach us. We’re always happy to take your call, and, if there’s a problem, we’ll do everything we can to mitigate it no matter what time it is.
  • Meeting Schedule is something we’ll agree to up front – like, do you want to be on-site when we do the layout? (We recommend it, if you can.) There are a lot of ways we’ll make decisions together, and sometimes, a meeting on the site is best, so that you can clearly see decisions and their impacts. We definitely need you on the site with us when we do the final walkthrough, and we’ll put that right into the plan from the start.
  • A professional Project Wrap-Up describes the finish line, when you and we will look at the incredible results and declare the project complete. We will provide you with as-built documentation, copies of any inspection reports received during the course of the project, a plan for on-going care, and a final walk-through, at which point you will sign off on the project.
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