Lawn Service St Louis

Lawn Service St Louis

Are you looking for an exceptional lawn service in St. Louis? Take a look at RF Landscape Services. They’re dedicated to the beauty of your backyard space and can provide what you need to create aesthetic appeal.


St. Louis residents don’t give a lot of thought to winter lawn service; that’s because St. Louis doesn’t see an enormous amount of snow during the winter. There’s more to winter landscaping and maintenance than just clearing away piles of snow, but if it happens, RF Landscape is ready to take action. Their winter maintenance services include:


– Snow plowing

– Hauling

– Hand shoveling

– Maintenance

– Clearing sidewalks and driveways

– Salting and de-icing


RF Landscape is equipped with state of the art commercial grade snow plows, pushers, front end loaders and skid steers for those winters when St. Louis gets hit hard. Their services are available 24 hours a day to assist you in relocating and removing snow from your property. They can provide snow removal services to both residential and commercial areas, including:


– Corporate offices

– Condominiums

– Apartment complexes

– Medical facilities

– Retail stores

– Industrial complexes


The highly experienced team from RF Landscape is available round the clock to assist with all your winter lawn service needs throughout St. Louis. RF Landscape Services employs seasoned staff members equipped with the right tools, radios, and all-terrain vehicles for snow and ice removal. Available throughout the entire snow season, RF Landscape provides services that are competitive and reliable.


If you have shrub roses on your property, you’re a fortunate resident in St. Louis. Shrub roses require a low amount of maintenance and provide some of the best aesthetic appeal throughout the year. While low in maintenance, they do require some care. RF Landscape Services can offer proper care and maintenance for your flowers, shrubs, trees and other foliage for a long season of beauty in your yard.


One of the first questions RF Landscape is usually asked is: What will it cost? Their experts are interested in meeting your budget and your needs, and will schedule a meeting with you to determine what you have in mind, and what your budget looks like. It’s important to keep in mind that not everything you want has to be done at once. RF Landscape Services can begin the process and work together with you to develop a distinctive plan that will lead to the outdoor space you’re dreaming of, all while working within your budget.


No matter what lawn service they provide for your St. Louis home or business, RF Landscape promises to keep it simple. Being your one and only point of contact along the way, it’s a luxury they can afford to offer. In the long run, you’ll save time, money and a lot of headaches. 


Contact the experts from RF Landscape Services by calling 314-487-6400. One of their lawn specialists will be glad to answer any questions you may have and schedule a free consultation in your home to create a custom design or plan to meet your needs.






Lawn Service St Louis

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