St Louis Landscape Maintenance: Lawn, Plantings, Beds, Mulch, Fertilize

weed-whacker-123x300Mowing services

We offer a weekly and bi-weekly mowing service that includes:

  • Removal of all trash and debris prior to mowing
  • Mowing all grass areas
  • Trimming along all buildings walks and drives and landscape beds
  • Blowing off all excess grass from all walks, drives and landscape beds
  • A walk thru before we leave to ensure we haven’t missed anything

We don’t just “Cut Grass” we provide a professional service that will look like you did it yourself.

Mulch and bed maintenance


We offer a variety of mulches to meet your needs. The most common mulch is hardwood bark mulch. Another popular mulch is dyed wood-product mulch that tends to hold its color longer than traditional hardwood bark mulch. The down side is that this type of mulch does not provide the same horticultural benefits that of traditional mulch. As a matter of fact over time depending on the type of wood used, mulch can actually leach into the soil changing the PH and health of the plant material it was designed to protect. We also provide cypress, dyed red mulch, coco mulch and rubber mulch. We will work with you to give you the mulch and color you desire.

Our bed maintenance program is designed to leave your beds looking weed free and healthy year round. We will treat the beds at the beginning of the season with a pre-emergent, we will then inspect the beds when we mow the grass to ensure they remain weed free. Whether it takes a spot spray treatment or we need to pull the weeds by hand, we will ensure that your beds remain weed free throughout the season.

Fertilization and weed control


We customize a Fertilization and Weed Control Program to meet the needs of your lawn and landscape. Our only goal is to provide a year round weed free lawn and landscape. Our program is designed to

  • Rid the turf and landscape of weeds
  • Fertilize and feed the turf, shrubs and trees so that they thrive throughout the year
  • Continually monitor your property to treat conditions that may occur throughout the season

Although all lawns require the same thing to remain health and weed free throughout the season, your lawn may require special attention to get to that point. We will do whatever it takes to give you the healthy looking weed free lawn and landscape you deserve.

Shrub pruning

When it comes to pruning your landscape shrub and trees, you want a trained professional that understands the proper horticultural techniques for pruning the plants in your landscape. In addition to proper techniques, plants should be pruned at different times of the year in order to ensure optimal health. Understanding the needs of various plants in your landscape and sending the best trained professionals to your site is what we do. Our crews are trained once a year and attend refresher classes throughout the year to ensure your landscape receives the care it deserves.

Seasonal clean ups


We offer spring clean ups to remove the debris that winter and Mother Nature have left behind. We will go through your entire property and

  • Remove leaves, limbs and other debris that have been left behind from winter
  • Cut back any seasonal plants such as grasses and perennials that need to be cut back prior to the spring growing season
  • Remove any dead or dying plant material and replace as directed
  • Edge landscape beds and tree rings in preparation for spring mulch application

Our goal is to ensure a beautiful landscape to start the growing season.

Fall is the messiest time of the year. As fall color changes to winter brown, the lawn and landscape are littered with the debris from the trees above. We will remove all the debris from your lawn and landscape and either set it on the curb or haul it off depending on where you live and the services that are available through your municipality.

St Louis Landscape Maintenance serving the following St. Louis metro areas:


Affton, Arnold, Ballwin, Brentwood, Chesterfield, Clayton, Crestwood, Creve Couer, Des Peres, Eureka, Fenton, Festus, Glencoe, Grover, High Ridge, House Springs, Imperial, Kirkwood, Ladue, Manchester, Maplewood, Maryland Heights, Oakville, Olivette, St Charles, St Louis, St Peters, Town and Country, University City, Valley Park, Webster Groves, Wildwood.

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