St-Louis-Pool-ConstructionOK I know what you are thinking: “Bob Franey, what are you talking about?” I am serious. Just this weekend I was sitting in the backyard with my family reminiscing about the best landscape investment that I ever made. You guessed it – my backyard swimming pool. Now I know what you’re thinking and let me explain why my Swimming Pool has been the best investment ever.

In a day and age of reality TV and the Kardashians , it seems like the crazier you are the more attention you get on yourself. Don’t get me wrong just ask my neighbors we are a little crazy sometimes. Play the music a little too loud and heck any one is welcome to come by and jump in the pool. But for the small investment the pool cost me boy oh boy have we enjoyed some awesome times with friends and family in our backyard. I mean think about it where else can you go when its 100 degrees in St. Louis and the humidity is 100%. As we say its either inside or the pool. And for us a true lover of the outdoors nothing beats the enjoyment of the backyard pool.

So as most of you know I have 2 boys Nick 19 and Max soon to be 15 who are my absolute pride and joy of my life. They really are two Great kids.

But as they have grown older the pool has served as a meeting place for them and their friends. I cannot tell you how many times I have looked out in the back yard and seen my two boys and their friends enjoying the pool. As a parent there is so much peace of mind knowing on a Friday and Saturday night your kids are in the backyard swimming and hanging out with their friends. Heck sometimes they even let mom and dad hang out for a minute. Well its usually long enough to pay the Pizza guy and then my son says hey Dad don’t you have something to do. I mean somethings never change but it is awesome to know where your kids are and who their friends are on a Saturday night.


St Louis Swimming Pool Construction

There are many types of pools out there and many budgets. But true to our mission statement we are looking to create the perfect project in a budget you are comfortable with. Pool Projects range in Price from the low 30’s to well into the multi thousands of dollars. But the point is for the amount of enjoyment they bring you can create you Pool Project to be what you want in the budget you are comfortable with.

Finally I would be remiss if I didn’t mention me and my wife. We love the water, the river, the lake, the ocean. We have transformed our backyard into the perfect tropical paradise.  A tiki hut and tropical plants we have created our own tropical paradise right in our own back yard. Tropical plants everywhere there is nothing better than having the perfect Oasis in your own backyard. Don’t get me wrong I would never pass up a Caribbean Vacation in beautiful Cancun but I can’t tell you how nice it is to come home on a Wednesday night to our own Tropical Paradise in our own backyard. The pool is the focal point of our back yard but the tiki hut and plants the outdoor tv and stereo we have created our own Staycation in our very backyard.

I know what your thinking I would never own a pool because the maintenance is so much of a hassle. And 20 years ago you would be right. But with today’s technology and the invention of Salt Generators Pool Maintenance is minimal at best. The truth is typically we only vacuum our pool once a season when the cover comes off in the spring. The rest of the summer pool cleaning is left to the salt generator and the automatic pool vacuum.

There is a Pool Project for every taste and every budget. For my money the best landscape investment I ever made was on the backyard Swimming Pool. If you would like to visit our gallery of swimming pool projects CLICK HERE.

Landscape Company St LouisI’ve also put together The Complete Guide to Creating Your Backyard Paradise, and you can download it here. It doesn’t have to be a pool project it can be a Patio, backyard kitchen, firepit or pergola. No matter what you decide you will never go wrong creating your own Backyard Oasis.

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