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Smith Paver and Walkway Project

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The Smiths recently installed a new pool for their family’s enjoyment. What they soon found out was that the concrete around the pool did not provide them with enough room to use the pool the way they wanted. Besides that they like to enjoy the outdoors and needed a space to put their fire pit. So.. what did they do? They contacted RF Landscape Services to develop a solution.

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The decision was made to eliminate the grass on the outside of the deck and expand the patio to a more usable space. Challenges included moving the existing irrigation system, moving the existing drainage and providing drainage for the newly established wall and patio. All of this was to be accomplished within a budget that the Smith’s were comfortable with.

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The RF Landscape Team lead by owner & designer Bob Franey and lead landscape foremen Rich Driemeyer and help from Tim Hill began work establishing the grade and preparing the site for the new project. Extreme care is taken to ensure that grades are correct for proper drainage of water. A transit was used to measure current grade and to mark and establish the new grade to be accomplished after construction.

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First a retaining wall was installed to establish the new grade so that the Paver Patio could be installed. The Smith’s close the Bella Vista Harvest Blend. A combination of 6x9 and 6x6 Pavers were used to create the pattern.

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After approximately 3 weeks of work the project nears completion and the Smith’s cannot wait to use their new patio and walkway. Our crew Rich Driemeyer and Tim Hall are proud of their hard work.

Patio and Paver

Mr and Mrs Smith are excited to have the construction completed and to enjoy their newly constructed Paver Patio and Walkway.


Every Landscape tells a story and the team at RF Landscape Services would like to help you tell your landscape story. Sometimes it’s a functional story such as erosion control or drainage. Sometimes its an aesthetic problem such as replacing an old tie wall or simply a landscape refresh. We often update our landscape with  a backyard pool or paver patio to enjoy our home and property.

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