dog yardSpring is the perfect time to walk about your yard and take a good look. Here is a quick checklist of what to look for so you can make the most of your outdoor space.

  • Even though you may have diligently raked up the leaves last fall, some trees drop their leaves later and may now be covering an area. Leaves create a heat buffer when the weather warms and will end up killing the grass they cover. As well, moisture builds up in the area, as it is cut off from sunlight, and this will then lead to mold.
  • Take an inventory of all the plants, trees and other landscape items. If something does not look healthy, definitely have it checked out; it may need to be removed and/or replaced. Also, look to see if yard plants and trees are budding; readying themselves to produce new leaves.
  • Heavy snow, and rainstorms or windstorms, can cause tree limbs to fall. This does not necessarily mean the tree is unhealthy, but it may mean that the tree is too top heavy. Pruning the top section of the tree allows for it to become smaller and tighter, which in turn helps the wood grow stronger and create more protection for the tree.
  • Put some eyes on hardscape areas; patio, driveway, walkways, etc. Missouri winters can be very tough on these areas. If hardscape has cracked or shows any damage, it’s a good idea to have these areas replaced if need be, and then definitely sealed. Not only is this more pleasing on an aesthetic level, but it is surely safer.
  • Back up a bit and take in the bigger yard view. Does it need more plants? Would a hardscape project finish the look? Come across an erosion issue that needs to be cleared up sooner than later? Now is the time to start to plan toward the yard of your dreams. Perhaps not all can be done at once, but at least the more important projects can begin.
  • Of course, going out and taking in some fresh air, enjoying all of nature’s bounties and moving forward toward an optimum outdoor space for all to enjoy is just a plain good idea!

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